Class of 2016: These are fashion’s top ranking Ghanaian photographers of the year

Ghanaian Photographers

2016 has come and left like a thief who just robbed an empty house but a lot of memories from this year will live with us for the rest of our lives.

Hopefully, photography will be one of the arts that will make sure 2016 is etched deeply in our subconscious. Last year after all the drama and brouhaha our 2015 list created, we decided to narrow it down to a specific industry.

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In our research, we realised that the year under review brought out some of the best artists in fashion photography. The genre which is a very herculean task needs you to have such a perfect eye for fashion and a penchant for creating out-of-the-box concepts.

2016 saw fashion photographers outdo themselves on magazines, runway, set, red carpet and the streets as they painted breathtaking masterpieces with their cameras. These photographers through their work have launched the careers of designers, models and makeup artists just to name a few.

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In the spirit of good journalism and telling positive stories, we’ve drawn up a list of Ghanaian fashion photographers from every nook and cranny who are building the fashion industry with one each click.

Nana Kofi Acquah

Nana Kofi Acquah

Nana Kofi Acquah comes to the table as the most decorated Ghanaian photographer in recent history. The head of N.K Acquah photography is a virtuoso and feminist who dazzles the world with his narratives especially ones on fashion and style. His masterpieces are featured in magazines, billboards, newspapers and on canvasses in the homes of his fans.

Photo of a model by Nana Kofi Acquah to celebrate black women

Check out the Africa Show Boy on his  Instagram account, and follow his blog for great musing on fashion, beauty and more.

Quincy Koranteng

Quincy Koranteng

Popularly known as Qwasie Asephua, the young talented lad has created a name for himself in the Ghanaian fashion industry with his consistency and creativity. A regular at fashion shows and red-carpet events, the C.E.O of Vine Imagery is the favourite such gatherings. His vast experience and deep contacts in the industry places him at the top of the pedestal as his avant-garde works speak for him.

Colourful Shoot of Mr Model Contestant

You can find out about this Simon Deiner in the making on his Vine Imagery account on social media

Gilbert Asante

Gilbert Asante

Gilbert Asante is the creative director of Laceup media, a commercial video and photography production house in Accra. Asante currently holds the title of best photographer from the Glitz Awards and has created some breathtaking magazine covers with his camera and light. His magic is perhaps created mostly in his ultra-modern studio which is frequented by celebrities, models and corporate clientele.

Portrait By Gilbert Asante

See his latest works on Lace Up Media

Amfo Conolly



Amfo K Conolly is a young talented Ghanaian photographer who created a highly impressive portfolio of fashion images. Amfo’s work process is what he describes as the use of use of desaturated tones to carefully nuance the mood of every image. It also encompasses fine art and portraiture which seeks to explore sensuality, beauty and style  He shoots for notable fashion brands/agencies such as Adidas, Woodin, Vogue U, Glitz  Africa, Scanad and Ogilvy.  Conolly is a one-time nominee for best fashion photographer at the Style Awards.

Amfo Conolly’s Work

Experience the Amfo Conolly creativity on Amfo Conolly or his Website


Amokwei Quarshie

The young and unassuming Amokwei Quarshie describes his self in two words, a fashion and portrait photographer. And he is loyal to these fields of photography to a reasonable fault which is commendable. The fashion photography whizkid has shot high fashion images for the likes of Christie Brown, The Style HQ, Luxoca, Lumiere Couture, HTW, Okahari and ELLE South Africa.


Follow Amokwei on his Instagram

Sefa Nkansa

Sefa Nkansah

Sefa Nkansah is more an artist than a photographer because of how simple yet confrontational the works he puts out is.  Sefa who has experience in advertising narrates stories with every image of his.The Muse1nspired founder knows well to mix avant-garde and dramatic ideas together as he keeps it serious and playful at the same time.


Get inspired by following his official Page on Instagram

OAB Photography

Ben Bond

Ben Obiri Asamoah, C.E.O/founder of OAB Photography has his specialities in Portrait, Fashion and Commercial photography which he does with a high sense of artistry. According to Bond, a name he probably might have picked from the popular 007 franchise, he sees photography as a painting skill by which he uses his camera and lights to paint. The grungy and spontaneous style of his images has caught the eyes of several people in the industry. He’s done work for Woodin, Glitz Africa, Ghana’s Most Beautiful and much more.

OAB Photography

See his lasting impressions on his Instagram and Blog


Selasi Atitsogbui

A heavily-built Sela as he is fondly referred to is the creative head at Pixlrate Studios ( pɪks(ə)lreɪt/), a household name in the Ghanaian fashion industry. His work is marked by a simplicity, a certain youthful exuberance, colour and balance that exudes out a lot of emotion from both his subjects and the viewer. It’s no surprise that you constantly bump into his works in Magazines and designer catalogues.



Following him on Instagram won’t be such a bad idea

Nii Djarbeng

Lightville Photography

Nii DjarbengNii Djarbeng of Lightville photography is a terrific fashion photographer who has worked with several designers and fashion stylist in Ghana and in the diaspora.  As an international photographer, he is not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to creating high fashion and nude photos. He has shot for Essence Magazine, Miss Malaika Ghana and several editorials.

This is Lightville’s Instagram account

Ofoe Amegavie

Ofoe Amegavie

Ofoe Amegavie work is a piece of art and like we said a year ago, he creates and lives in a world order of his own. His often black and white photos (both nude and high fashion) are interactive and speak to the issues like a real artist. Ofoe was featured on Hunger TV, Design Indaba, Okay Africa and Highsnobiety. 


Inspire yourself with his work at Ofoesaysit on social media.

Elliot Grandberry


Elliot Grandberry defines his work with the faces he shoots and the graphic art that tags along. He’s grown from strength to strength with his work sought after by models and designers. You can always tell his process were carefully thought out just by looking at the subject and location.


Follow him on Instagram

Roger Yeboah


Roger Yebuah is a creative spirit and according to him working with paint and pencil has informed his job as a photographer. He is passionate about the craft and his quest to decipher the age-old saying that says “a picture is worth a thousand words” keeps him creating iconic stuff. He is ad campaigns for Ghana-based textile company, GTP over the years remains one of the highlights of his brand.

GTP Ad Campaign

Apagnawen Annankra


The tallest photographer in Ghana is a jack of all trade and a student in all. His company’s website has this as his biography.  “Apag like many other creative masterminds did not go to school to learn his craft. Instead, he would lock himself away after high school in his bedroom and immerse himself in a fountain of photography knowledge from books or on the internet. This ambitious young man sees everyone and everything as an artistic instrument. Apag loves nothing more than living life through his camera lens, capturing every essence of beauty from his subjects and being able to tell their unique story. He is the proud founder and creative director of Apag Studios.”

Follow his page Apagstudios or contact his Website

Paa Kwesi-Chasquido Studios


At the sound of his shutter, Paa Kwasi and his camera create an optical orgasm. 2016  saw him outdo all expectations as he became a published fashion photographer. He is a favourite of models and makeup artist who love his humour, charm and wit. In addition to having mind-blowing fashion stories, he also shot several lookbooks and top celebrities including Waje.


Focus Gh Photography

Nii Noi

Duke Nii Noi is the owner of Focus Gh Photography, one of the leading fashion photography companies in Ghana. Hitherto to the release of the list, he wasn’t a name that popped up when fashion photographers were mentioned but funny enough, the brand FocusGh came to mind. His knack for photographing slender female subjects and those with iconic faces and glossy lips puts him in this league of photographers. His images are expanding the theories of female sexuality and sexiness. He has done work for brands like Vasti Sunglasses, Glam Magazine and more.

Focus Gh

Get his shots HERE

Paa Kwesi Photography(FocusnBlur)


Focus on the beauty then blur the negativity and ugliness all out, this is how newbie PKDCB also known as Paa Kwesi describes his work. His photos are very clean, exciting and sweet. We won’t mind seeing more of his work this year.


See more of his work on

Charlene Asare


Head photographer of C.Asare photography, Charlene Asare is known for her high fashion photography, beauty and editorial works. Charlene is a 31-year-old Kensington and Chelsea College who relocated from the United Kingdom to Ghana to pursue her dreams in her motherland. She continues to do well in the male-dominated field and was nominated as best photography at the Glitz Style Awards.


Mel Arthur Gh


Since we know how talented our General manager and photographer is we’ll just not say much but let you be the judge of all the photos he churns out through our channels.

The Mel Arthur Experience

Phloshop LLC


Every fashion shot taken by phloshop is unique, elegant and relevant. They don’t call him the king of retouching for nothing.His fashion stories mixed with 3D art and graphic designing made him a photographer to watch on a daily basis. He ruled 2016 effortlessly with his Printex Ad campaign and 2017 is still going to be his year.


This is his Instagram account for more of his work



Last but definitely not the least is student/photographer who comes to the table with a budding career. He’s been consistent and focused. Taking sneak peaks of his work gave us hope for fashion and the youth of Ghana.


.Find him on Instagram @Ghog

Honourable Mention

These Ghanaian photographers have contributed immensely to the field of fashion photography even though they are not considered as fashion photos.

Emmanuel Bobbie




Dextdee Livingstone

Dextdee Photography

Yaw Pare

Yaw Pare

Do you believe these are the best fashion photographers of 2016? Do you know anyone else who should have been on this list of the 20 best Ghanaian photographers for 2016, comment below

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