40 Iconic photos from the funeral of the Asantehemaa that will leave you admiring the Asante kingdom


The Queen mother of the Asante kingdom, Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II passed away at the 111 years in her palace.

As is the culture with the Asante tribe, a four-day funeral ceremony which ends today has been held in her honour at the Manhyia palace, in the Ashanti regional capital of Kumasi. The queen who is currently being laid to rest was a prolific and illustrious queen who held her people and heritage in high esteem. As such, several institutions in the Kingdom were named after her and others under her proud auspices.

The queen who is currently being laid to rest in Breman was a prolific and illustrious queen who held her people and heritage in high esteem. As such, several institutions in the Kingdom were named after her and others under her proud auspices.

In Ashanti culture which happens to be a matrilineal tribe, one of the roles of a queen mother is to nominate a king and make sure he is installed. The late queen who is also the mother of the current King, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II witnessed the installation of both his son and saw the reign of the late Otumfuo Opoku Ware II, as Asantehene from 1970 to 1999.

Nana Afia Kobi Serwaa Ampem II reigned for 39 years from her enstoolment in 1977 as the 13th queen mother of the Asante Kingdom after the death of Nana Ama Serwaa Nyarko II who reigned from 1945 to 1977.

As the funeral ceremony took place, people from all walks of life including President Nana Addo, Former President Mahama, Ex-Presidents John Kuffour and Rawlings were all present at this spectacular event.

Here are 40 iconic photos taken by Yaw Pare and Bob Pixel that speak volumes of Ashantis and their beautiful culture.

Let’s have a history and culture class. Shall we??

1. The king is automatically the chief mourner

)pemso) Otumfour Osei Tutu Ababio ll is carried in a palanquin to the funeral ground

2. Dodo) ani san de3 )so ntakara ky3 (The hat of feathers)

According to oral tradition the hat of feathers known as ntakraky3 means all eyes are on the one with a hat of feathers. The moment he shows up it means he has an important message for the king and everyone is eager to know.

3. Royal prince of Juabeng

Other Versions of the ntakara ky3

4. The feather king


Ntakra hene

5. Arrival of chiefs

Chiefs arrive at Durbar ground

6. Female Guard

Warrior of the Asante tribe

7.  Procession of lights

The sticks are known as Ntene3. They are used to light fire the path of the King

8. Kokofuhene

Nana Adumatta (custodian of tewobaabi)

9. Executioner

Known as the Obrafuor, this scary sight of a man is the executioner of the king

10. Kete Dancers

Kete dancers.This dance is only performed for the king

11. Adowa dancer

Adowa dancers are trained from childhood and continue to master the act till their old age


Another Adowa dancer


Older Adowa dancer clad in Kente. Adowa is performed in kente  and beads despite the occasion

14.  Women sing songs in honour of the dead and praise to the king

Royal Praise Singers


Adult Adowa dancer ready to perform

16. Royal dancers

Adowa dancers


Kontihene division of the Asante kingdom with a pump action gun

18. Royal Guards

Royal guards with action guns


Asante man

20.  Ashanti Warriors

Warriors in plantain leaves as camouflage

21.  Queen Mother Of Ejisu

Descendants of Nana Yaa Asantewa, QueenMother Of Ejisu

22. Tepa

Warrior from Tepa

23. An Asante cheif greets his people

Nana Wiafe Akenten II

24.  Northern Entourage

Entourage from the north

25. Soul captor

A Soul captor performing some rituals

Credit: Yaw Pare

26. Warrior throws his shiled in mid-air

Credit: Bobpixel

27. Little boy dances during funeral ceremony

Credit: Bobpixel


28. Headgear

Credit: Yaw Pare

29. An Akofena

An akofena, a royal weapon made of gold

30. Ashanti women chanting war songs

Women chant during funeral ceremony

31. The skin of a leopard is used as headgear

Credit: Bob Pixel

32.  Chief Hunter of the king

The Asantehene’s Chief Hunter, DROBONSO Otumfour Bremponhene Nana Dwamena Danka Dwubisaw and his elders bring the Asantehene hunt meat at the funeral grounds

33. Fetish priestess


Fetish priestess known as Okumfuor

34. King Of BENIN

The Esama of Benin, a close friend to the Asante throne

35. Former President Kufour and Chief Justice Georgina T Woods

President Kufour and Chief Justice Georgina Woods

36.  Former UN Secretary-General and wife

Busumuru Kofi Anan and Nane Maria Anan

37.  Funerals are a hub for socialization

Kofi Anan and the King of Benin

39. The queen was a practising Anglican until her death

Anglican priests officiating the queen’s burial

40. Ashanti priestess displaying


She has five children and the King is her last child. Rest in Peace, Nana Hemaa

Credit: Yaw Pare and Bob Pixel

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