These 12 photos of Okyeame Kwame and his beautiful family is set to fill your heart with love and warmth

They are sporty too

Say hello to the adorable Nsiah-Apau’s a.k.a  Okyeame Kwame’s family and currently the title holders of the family of the year.

The family is made up of Ghanaian rapper, Kwame Nsiah-Apau who is popularly known as Okyeame Kwame, his wife/manager, Anica and their two super-cute children, Sir Kwame Nsiah Bota and Sante Antwiwaa Nsia Apau.

All year round the celebrity family does not fail to show their fans how beautiful it is to be surrounded by love and warmth. Okyeame and Annica’s social media page are filled with images and videos of each other as well the two children who have taken after both parents.

It’s either a photo of  Okyeame and their daughter sharing an Ananse story, the girls having some girl time or the guys doing the same and a kiss being shared by daddy and mummy.

Here are 12 adorable photos we have of their family that will make you miss yours so much today.

1. This photo of them looking stylish in matching Kente outfits

They are a stylish family

2.  This photo they took when they played tennis together

They are sporty too

3. This photo where they looked like royalty

They are a traditional family

4.  And the photo of mummy and daddy being romantic

Mummy and Daddy

5. And when they shared a proper kiss

Kiss kiss time

6. This photo of Shanti showing how cute she can be

Sante Antwiwaa Nsia Apau

7.  This photo where both of them were super adorable

Sir Kwame Nsiah Bota and Sante Antwiwaa Nsia Apau

8. The photo of Shanti and daddy in bed telling Ananse stories

Daddy and Sante Antwiwaa Nsia Apau

Sir Kwame Nsiah Boti and Sante Antwiwaa Nsia Apau going to school

10. This photo of mummy and daddy looking fashionable

Mummy and Daddy slaying

11. Kids time with daddy

Okyeame hanging out with the kids

12. Mummy and daughter goals

Girls hanging out

This video that went viral and melted our hearts

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