Trending: Friends recreate Uche Jombo Rodriguez, Omoni Oboli, Chioma Akpotha & Ufuoma McDermott stunning Wow Magazine cover

Everyone can agree that Nollywood girl squad; Uche Jombo Rodriguez, Omoni Oboli, Chioma Akpotha & Ufuoma McDermott’s Wow Magazine cover was a big hit.

The Original; Uche Jombo Rodriguez, Omoni Oboli, Chioma Akpotha & Ufuoma McDermott on the Wow Magazine cover that has been reenacted

And now Jos-based, best friends Eva, Laura, Linda, Kelechi Cheryl who are Nigerian citizens have reenacted the cover photo with the help of photographer,@musatukurah and their props.

Best friends @[email protected]
@evamashly @lindafandip who double as entrepreneurs recreating the magazine cover

The girls who happen be in the beauty and fashion industry have received so much attention for their creativity and style which will go a long way to propel their brands.  Dresses were provided by Challa whiles Linda was on hair and their make-up done by Kelechi.

Wow Magazine‘s cover was to celebrate the leading cast of the biggest movies to hit the Nigeria box office, Wives on Strike, a hilarious comedy about a group of market women who decided to take matters into their own hands against their husbands in a bid to stir them into standing up for a girl whom they wanted to protect from the wishes of her own father.

Black Girl Power

According to Eva, a member of the squad in a post on Instagram, these friends had been her solid rock and make up her support system.  Thus the reenactment of these photos was to celebrate their beautiful friendship

 So here is my epistle about these ladies turned sisters, it is not every day you find a person that accepts you for who you are… Heck I can be soooooo annoying, I may scream for no reason,have mood swings, get defensive, I just may always get on your last nerve but over the years… These ladies have stood by me even in my worse days, loved me, Adviced me, consoled me, fought for me and of course they top my fan list😂😂😂 I know God loves me too much because he gave me the best and craziest humans

Meet the entrepreneurial Four who are into beauty, fashion and lifestyle

The recreation of the Wow Magazine cover is in line author Charles Caleb Colton famous quote; “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”

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