Samira Bawumia is repping Ghana hard in this African print dress at Yale University

Samira Bawumia is following in the footsteps of other first ladies before her or setting herself up to be one in the near future by representing Ghana hard in African prints wherever she goes.

The gorgeous wife of Vice-President, Dr Mahamadu Bawumia made an appearance at Yale University, Connecticut USA spotting a yellow and red reversible neck African print dress that has exaggerated sleeves with her signature velvet head scarf over a black trench coat.

Mrs Bawumia was addressing students of the Yale Undergraduate Association for African Peace & Development on the role of education in their lives and totally represented the motherland in the process.

A former beauty queen and TV show host, the second Lady,  has gained popularity for her beauty, poise and fashion choices that a lot of millennials look up to. She has also come under heavy criticisms by conservatives about her versions of Muslim fashion also known asHijab fashion

Here are some photos of her doing mother Ghana proud in Ntoma (Dutch wax textiles)

1. Her Excellency

Mrs Bawumia glows in matte burgundy lipstick and teardrop earrings

2. Samira Bawumia is just perfect

She’s also a lover of signature matte lipstick

3. Trench coat goals

Samira Bawumia and her entourage arriving at Yale

4.  Look at her making Ghana proud

We love you Samira Bawumia

5. And she doesn’t look pregnant

Mrs Bawumia at a roundtable discussion at the conference

By: Rudolf Larnyoh/

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