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Yvonne Nelson just dazzled the internet with her gorgeous pregnancy photos on her birthday

Ghanaian Actress, Philanthropist, Activist and New Mum, Yvonne Nelson has set social media on fire after releasing exclusive photos of herself during her pregnancy.

Yvonne Nelson for Wow Magazine

The images which were taken for the latest edition of Wow Magazine features the actress who has grown to be a household name in Africa rocking an all-white look with a floral headband and we must say she looks divine.

Yvonne who is also celebrating her birthday today, shared the cover photo on her Instagram which has over 3 million followers with the caption“WOW! ITS MY BIRTHDAY 🎂🎊🎂 The BEST year of my life! The best birthday GIFT ever! Looking for a miracle?? Just look around you….it’s there. He’s present in everything”.


The photo has received over 70k likes with several of her movie industry mates and fans sending warm wishes to her.

Yvonne’s pregnancy has not come without ridicule and rumor-mongering from several quarters in the media with fans demanding to know the identity of the baby’s dad nut she’s remained tight-lipped until now.

Yvonne Nelson

However in the no-hold barred interviewed with Wow, she shared some important information about the pregnancy, the father of the baby, marriage among others. Here are some excerpts from the interview

When asked about how she felt about the pregnancy she said: “I was so paranoid because I don’t think I’ve been to the hospital ever, but I got pregnant and I had to got to the hospital like every two weeks. You know, all these different tests one must undergo and its scary because it (was my) first time. You don’t just know what to expect, people don’t tell you these things.

It feels like a minute ago, I was on the beach relaxing in my size 4 figure…. It’s so humbling knowing that I’m about to become a mother. Guess the best part? I can eat whatever I want without worrying my tummy would protrude. Its already very big.

Thoughts on Marriage before Pregnancy

A Happy Yvonne shared photos of the editorial with fans earlier today as she marked her 30th birthday

Yvonne Nelson: I believe if I say that (I’m not a traditional lady who may decide to get pregnant out of wedlock), people might say I’m not setting a good example but I think society is just so hard on most of us. The fact is, it’s good to get married, it’s the right thing to do, but then again, if you are a woman and you think you are getting to a certain age and you want to have kids and you meet a responsible guy who hasn’t yet proposed but wants to do the same thing, it depends on you and him. You can go ahead and do it if you think the guy is right and responsible and he makes you happy. Why not?

Was the pregnancy planned?

It was, and the truth of the matter is, it’s been something I’ve been waiting for since I turned 29. On my 30th birthday, I was in Venice, Italy. I remember the night before my birthday, I called my mum and I was crying. I was so sad, I was seeing someone else then and he was an ideal guy and everything. He took me there for my birthday and he proposed.

Wow Magazine Cover

He’s somebody I would have loved to have a family with but he wanted me to move to London. My whole life was going to change because of him and its not something you should do. You don’t have to change your whole life because of a man, because of your marriage. I’m sure most people do, so in the long run it didn’t work out.

Its quite funny because someone proposed and I didn’t get to have a baby for the person, and this person who hasn’t proposed, I’m having a baby for him, so its a vibe, its friendship, it’s understanding, it’s how the person makes you (feel). It’s not about someone putting a rock on your finger and you forget


And when she was asked if her partner and herself are planning to get married she explained that “Marriage is scary but of course, I’d love my child to have a dad around. We would have to have the ideal family setting. As I said, I can’t marry myself, someone would have to marry me. So yeah, when it happens I’d be glad (but) I don’t want to put pressure on anyone.”

Congratulations Yvonne and a hearty Happy Birthday


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