These 10 hijabistas are the best muslim fashion bloggers to follow on Instagram

Hijabistas" are now a big phenomenon in the global fashion industry and these 10 muslim fashion bloggers are inspiring their muslim counterparts with their stylish yet modest apparel and pushing diversity to another level.


“Hijabistas” are now a big phenomenon in the global fashion industry and these 10 muslim fashion bloggers are inspiring their muslim counterparts with their stylish yet modest apparel and pushing diversity to another level.

During the holy month of Ramadan which ends today as muslims around celebrate with Eid-Ul Fitr, we started to notice a lot of  islam inspired clothing on social media. Perhaps we had closed our eyes to another exciting field in fashion but it existed and several muslim women are leading the way.

The term “Hijabista” is coined from hijab+fashionista which is a small piece of cloth used to cover the head by muslim women.  Several celebrated fashion houses including Dolce & Gabbana,Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, and MANGO have all  released abaya and hijab collections that take into consideration their beliefs and ideals of such women.

Some have even gone further to collaborate with these women who have styled themselves with stuff from their wardrobe, islamic designers and thrift shopping.  According to one blogger, she was just posting her usual photos of herself on photo sharing app, Instagram and realised that a lot of people were interested in the stuff she shared. She took advantage of it and turned blogging into a part-time career.

Aside her there are several  women who have added  blogging to their main jobs or careers and it’s proven successful.

Here are 10 of the best hijabistas to follow on instagram for their glam and expressive style.


Dian Pelangi is an Indonesian designer of eponymous muslim women’s brand, Dian Pelangi Company and a fashion blogger. With more than 4.3 million followers on instagram, the 25-year old avid traveller  and brand ambassador of several beauty brands continues to update her account with stunning hijab looks  from across the world which are mostly designed or created by herself. Dian Pelangi is the number one source for hijab inspired looks.


Looking out for Eid like… #TheHybridsRamadan

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Ascia calls herself a hybrid Kuwait American who is married with an adorable son. The blogger is a designer of baby line, Desert Baby Kuwait. She runs with her husband who is also a prominent menswear blogger. Her style is girly, serious at times and androgynous at certain periods. It’s no wonder she has more than a million followers on instagram because she’s such a delight to follow.




The half Egyptian and half English lifestyle and beauty blogger is describe as the queen of scarfs and someone who is the perfect embodiment of chic style in modern fashion. Aside her fashion sense, she is a great entertainer who gives her followers and viewers on her Youtube some great laughter with her tone and facial expression in her photos. Dina has a whooping 1 million followers on instagram who look up to her constantly for general fashion, beauty and lifestyle advice.



📸 @sattsaren @minnes.linsen Pants @nakdfashion

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Mariam Ayari is the brain behind the hijab curated blog Hijab Muslim that has five hundred and sixty-nine thousand followers who catch up on the latest fashion and style trends from different hijab wearing women. The Swedish based Tunisian blogger herself does not fall back when it comes to style as her personal page also show her in very trendy and classy looks put together by her own self.


Yes to mirror selfies 💙 Abaya @mariabegofficial

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Basma Kahie  is the creative director of Basma K collection and a beautiful beauty/fashion blogger. The boutique owner who has over 300 thousand followers experiments with various scarfs, abayas and beauty products that make such an inspiration and alternative to mainstream beauty and fashion looks. Her Lipsticks and nail looks are just why you’ll want to click the follow button on this one.



Feeling like a queen in the detachable cape dress by @infiniteabaya ✨

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Leena Asad is one blogger you’ll love to follow even if you are not muslim or believe in the tenets of her religion. With a followership of 326 k Asad shares t her style, travels, DIY’s and  favourite tea on her page. The Snow-white looking fashion/lifestyle blogger is also a Labour delivery nurse, (yes you heard right) and does the two jobs passionately in Texas where she lives with her Palestinian-American family. As a bride-to-be we all can’t wait to see what she pulls off on her wedding day.


CAMO Monday ✨ #ootd #wiw #aboutalook #mystyle

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Maryam is sincerely unapologetic of her style and that is why we love her so much. Her style consists a lot of lines, stripes,florals, patterns and other trendy pieces which are styled right with beautiful accesories. The IT project manager currently has 174 k followers who  like and comment on her message with questions, ideas and praise. Her fashion-forward personal style has led her to create her own scarf line which she calls Cover 33. According to the website,COVER implies to veil one’s beauty while 33 indicates the Surah in which the obligation is mandated.  {Quran 33:59}.


• and it goes on and on like Erykah Badu • #2015recap #headwrap

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As a woman of colour who happens to be a blogger, Sagal is inspiring so many Black muslim woman across the world with her  unique style, handy tips and latest obsessions. The Somalian fashion and lifestyle blogger is based in the United Kingdom with her family and She adds that she enjoys styling, latest fashion trends, anything cultural and art. Sagal’s page with 97 k followers is the place to go for all your head wrap inspo as she’s such a pro at that.


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21-year old Sobi Masood is doing what most of us couldn’t even do at her age:inspiring people through fashion. The fashion student will make you change your perspectives when it comes to muslim and fashion. From doing feminine looks to  hardcore streetwear, she just inspires the fashion in you. With her modest style she is changing fashion one outfit at a time.



In case you see Ibithaj in the American team during the 2016 Rio don’t be amused. The beautiful fashion blogger is also a professional fencer who will be the first U.S athlete to ever competed in her hijab.  Her Badass style coupled with her profession makes her just interesting and her path to the top meanders on

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