26 Seriously adorable African print outfits we picked for your baby girl


We all love to look good in stylish African print outfits but we sometimes forget that our baby girls also deserve to look good too.

These photos we came across on the streets and social media goes further to prove that African prints/Ankara/Ntoma styles are perfect for everyone including your daughter, niece or godchild.

The looks feature adorable, exciting and eclectic looks of baby girls that will make you even want to give birth after scrolling through the images.

We have no doubts that they’ll inspire you to visit your tailor or designers with your own Ankara fabric to replicate a design or two! After all, imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Take a look at the outfits and pick your favourite for your baby girl

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African prints kids





Kids in African print



Ankara Styles



Cute Kids fashion






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