Accra has a new menswear brand and he is putting the big M in Ghanaian menswear


In case you didn’t get the memo, the city of Accra and the Ghanaian fashion scene has a new member in menswear brand, Ohene Mantse Couture.

The name Ohene means Kings in Twi (An Akan dialect) whiles Mantse also denotes the same meaning in Ga (a language spoken by the Ga-Adangbe people of the coast). A name choice that lends the idea that his clientage just like ancient African kings are majestic and mighty.

Located off the Teshie Lekma road, the young, vibrant and emerging brand is already carving a niche for itself in the world of Men’s fashion in Ghana where there is a limited number of designers creating original pieces with regards to both traditional and western tailoring.

Johnson Martey Jr is the Creative head of Ohene Mantse Couture

OM Couture which is captured neatly inside their impeccably tailored men’s garments is produced and owned by Ghanaian designer, Johnson Martey Jr.  

In our interview with the young, talented and determined entrepreneur who was scouted on social media, the passion for creating beautiful stories that last a generation with close began when he was pretty young.

However, his late dad who didn’t see the profitability of such a profession prohibited from following this dream until he took the mantle into his hands after the former’s passing.

“I am a tailor and a fabric consultant but I studied Information Technology at the Methodist University, Ghana. I have never had professional education in tailoring or sewing. It’s all self-taught and talent. ” Johnson who is known on the streets as Sweetness revealed.

For him, the journey to becoming a fashion designer was inspired by the need to get his request met on time when he ordered an outfit from his local tailor. Unfortunately, these tailors always had to disappoint, a trait he is made sure avoid as a professional couturier.

“The fact that tailors disappoint a lot when you need them coupled with their inability not to give me exactly what I request for inspired me to create my own line” He says 

You may call him petty or extra but the need of this metrosexual gentleman to get what he wants gave birth to a brand which continuous to receive orders and good reviews from every man that has donned his shirt, trouser or casuals. It is also borne out of the need to “want to change the mindset people have about the the youth who live on the coast because Ga men are known to be lazy and rowdy” which is really not the case.

Well-tailored outfit for men of style and taste made by OM COUTURE

According to the designer, the creative process to achieving his beautiful garments come be very strenuous and painstaking yet worth the while. An Interview with the client to know the body type and complexion takes place which is followed by the taking of measurements, a collection of ideas and trend, sketching designs by hand, developing illustrations into patterns then cutting and stitching of the fabric begins.

25 Years and making it. Ohene wants to inspire young people from his area to work hard and make something out of their lives

Already he’s made garments for Ceo’s and On-Air Personalities including the likes of Chain Homes C.E.O Mr Odoi and Gombilla the poet.  Seeing Ohene Mantse Couture become a household name when it comes to African fashion is his ultimate goal and one thing is for sure this bloke is several miles on his way to achieve this beautiful dream.

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Instagram: @ohenemantsecouture

Facebook: Ohene-Mantse Couture



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