Meet Latif Madoi, the Ugandan fashion designer who makes garments in four minutes


Unless you buy all your clothes from a retail shop or only own ready-to-wear pieces, most Africans have experienced hell at the hands of their local tailor especially when they need their clothes badly.

Local tailors and dressmakers despite their talents are known for their usual complaints of time constraints when they fail to meet the deadline for customers, a worrying trend which has caused a lot of clients to abandon locally-made garments for its foreign counterparts.

Latif in action as he cuts a fabric at one of his “fashion concerts”

This, however, is not always the rule as Ugandan designer, Latif Madoi is showing the world that your favorite dress can be created in less than sometimes even within minutes. Based in Kampala, the prolific designer has been nicknamed the “Afro-Fashion Magician” for his fast sewing skills that offer convenience for both himself and clients.

In an interview with the BBC, Madoi recounts how he came up with the concept when he worked in Paris.

The one minute concept is what I call the express speed design. I had the chance to perform at fashion show in Paris where I constructed a dress in four minutes and everybody was like wow this is amazing. He narrated.

After setting and breaking few records of his own, Madoi can now create a garment from scratch in a perfect time of four minutes. He now performs in what he’s titled as “fashion concerts” where he is able to produce 15 to 20 dresses in 2 hours.

Credit: BBC

A typical showcase sees him first measuring the client, followed by a sketch and fabric cutting after which he produces to sew and almost at the twinkle of an eye the dress is ready to be worn.

Latif Maidof designed for celebrated Reggae singer, Lucky Dube until his passing in 2007 and is well-known figure in his home country of Ugandan.  He has several awards to his credit and currently runs the Latif academy where he trains the next generation of fashion hands.

In case that tailor or dressmaker of yours is delaying the outfit, you know exactly who to reach out to; Latif Madoi






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