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Quame Owusu is celebrating style with a new Vlisco collection

Award-winning Ghanaian unisex designer, Quame Owusu has collaborated with African textile manufacturer, Vlisco and other creatives to create their latest collection which celebrates style.

Quame Owusu is an award-winning unisex Ghanaian brand which is known for excellent designs

Style which has been described as a culmination of how a person dress, talk, move their body, or  expression of self continues to be the hallmark and emphasis of both brands. The capsule collection which features two distinctive looks worn by former beauty pageant contestants and model, Dromyreda Agyepong  have an African outlook laced with inspirations from around the world.

The first look is a halter neck dress with a cape which will look good on any wedding guest willing to make a fashion statement. Putting the icing on the cake, the second look which happens to be a high slit print gown shows a little skin of the wearer and also expresses the exuberance of the fabric.

Vlisco since 2016 has been collaborating with local designers to create collections and give them a platform to sell their brand. It’s worked with Ghanaian designers such as StylistaPoqua PoquShe By BenaApril Rust and many more on similar collection bringing a different perspective to the fabric and it’s local customers.

Explore the celebration of style below


Quame Owusu for Vlsico

Dromyreda in Quame Owusu for Vlisco

Quame Owusu for Vlisco


Quame Owusu


Fabric @vlisco 
Model @dromeryda 
Photocredit @chocolate_shot_it
Makeup @facemechanicgh


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