9 Ghanaian Fashion & Style Bloggers You Should Follow On Instagram

Here Are The Top 9 Ghanaian Fashion Bloggers You Have To Follow For Their Style & Panache Any Day.


Fashion has gradually eaten into the fiber of our society and being. You go nowhere without seeing a very outstanding style or outfit. Before the advent of the fashion scene in Ghana.Fashion was already the thing for women as they donned their beautiful kentes,kaba and slit, natural hair amongst other trends. Fast forward to the internet era and the birth of Instagram,every lady is now doing their best to look stylish,trendy and master the game of fashion as they  try to put it across on the photography platform. Howeevre some loutstanding ladies have made the style blogging a profession where they dish out their daily outfit details as well as DIY’S  for most ladies who would want to rock it like they do..Our team has put togeteher a list of some inspirational and fashionable style blogs you should follow for your daily dose of style,latest fashion stories,runway shows and trends..There you go…. And oh thank us later.

  1. Tracy Jamilatu Iddrisu. stylebytrey.blogspot.com

“Journey with me on the tour as I take you through to my little world of STYLE”

@empress-jamila: The empress of Ghanaian fashion dominates when it comes to giving out daily style updates and inspirations. She does it like no other and with a penchant for looking chic and fabulous even with the little style essentials or simple looks, Tracy is indeed in the right business. The style blogger who is a stylist on the side has styled endless names in fashion, business, social circles and entertainment. In a relatively short span Tracy has taken the fashion world by storm and with a whooping 51.8k following stylebytrey is definitely the account to follow on Instagram.She is also won countless awards for her outstanding blog and work in the fashion industry.

  1. Dorothy “Dee” Maat: mystylecheck.net

“My style is simple. I dress in a sophisticated and classy way – I always dress in a way I know my late mother wouldn’t be embarrassed to see…..”

The extraordinary Dee Maat is a graduate of the University Of Arts where she studied fashion styling. Her sophisticated style which comprises of floral prints, polka dots and other trendy outfit is one that you’ll love as she constantly puts them out on the social  media site with a followership of 9,000 plus style devotees. Dee is an award winner from the BEFTA and a personal stylist & Fashion PR.


  1. Clarice Boateng: iamadamsel.com

 “You Are A Damsel, Let Nothing Stop You.”

The confident afro chic from Ghana who lives in Atlanta is one you’ll take notice of if she walked past you on the streets. Her edgy but casual style which features a lot of high end and low end pieces at different periods in time are shared religiously on Instagram and has 14 thousand followers and 1,000 and more posts is another style blog you should follow. Her statement necklaces and signature red lipstick, would always point her out. We just love how she puts the wow factor into her thrifty outlooks. Clarice B a.k.a /@i.am.a.damsel is reading a professional course currently in design and textiles to enhance her passion for fashion.



  1. Hayet K Rida: thathayetrida.com

“Being confident is not being cocky it’s just living a life that tells people, this is who I am..Deal with it.”

@thathayetrida is a plus size food and fashion blogger who doesn’t mince her words and her style. She is what you’ll call a pivotal inspiration to all the curvy and big bone ladies who are constantly trying hard to fit into the single digit dress in the departmental store and what society wants them to be like. Hayet’ s gives you beautiful clothes at beautiful locations with beautiful words to inspire you.  Her style oozes confidence in all shades and sounds. This would be because of the fact that she is a photographer by profession and has a professional stylist as big sister. Hayet has a 9-5 job as an advertising executive/planner and travels around the world seeking new adventures when she can.  Followers on Instagram are over 5,000.


  1. Afua Rida: www.styledbyrida.com

“I adapted elements of my mother’s process influenced by my Ghanaian culture and global fashion, to create my own process, which I would like to share with you.”

Who remembers Afua Rida of our childhood’s favorite TV series, Home Sweet Home?? Yes junior’s little sister…lol. The beauty who  is a Stylist, Fashion Blogger, Runway Show Producer and Fashion Consultants is now going solo after working with styling company,House Of Cramer. She  has styled clients from  all walks of life to celebrities, collections for runway and photo shoot amongst others. Afua’s blog is one that will not only give you a dose of style but effortless beauty secrets,runway stories and some very helpful DIY’s to keep your style 100%. Afua is Hayet’s big sister  in case you are wondering where the resemblance came from.

  1. Jessica Naa Adjeley Konney: trendsandblendsgh.blogspot.com

“I am not only interested in how its worn…  I am more interested in who makes it possible to be worn.”

@trendsandblendsgh Naa Adjeley is the brain behind trendsandblendsgh a fashion and style blog that features everything inspirational from style posts of other bloggers,interviews, models,lookbooks and news especially from the African fashion industry. Naa Adjeley is the African fashion queen as the images on her Instagram will profess from exciting African head gear, to crop tops to skirts. Trendsanblendsgh is the African harper’s bazzar. Naa adjeley is a fashion journalist and PR with a huge influence in the Ghanaian fashion industry.If you want to feel afropolitan and chic then that’s the account to follow.


  1. Akosua vee: www.akosuavee.blogspot.com

            “My Style,My world”

@akosua__vee is a fashion blogger, stylist and corporate worker who puts the “S” in style. Her amazing photos which are taken in front of a very beautiful house with bold prints and colors has caught the attention of many. Akosua offers a feminine touch to the looks you wouldn’t think of wearing with very unexpected combinations. With a strong followership of 17,000 style fans and enthusiast. Ms.Bannerman is another style blogger to follow.



  1. Dita Schandorf: ditaschandorf.tumblr.com

              “Too legit to quit”

@browneyedbaldie is not your ordinary beauty but Dita is pretty beyond words. As a muse to menswear blogger/stylist among other things,ALLEN COLEMAN. Dita knows her way around mensfashion as she puts that female touch to them.Her vintage style is also one that you’ll be sure to fall in love with. Spotting a bald head and very quirky glasses Ms.Schandorf has an account you’ll love to follow for your menswear inspiration in a feminine way as well as your vintage outlooks in life.

  1. Laurie Frempong: lauriefrempong.blogspot.com

“A winner is a dreamer who never gives up” – Nelson Mandela

@lauries_blog: Fashion model and nurse. Laurie Frempong runs another exciting personal blog you’ll love to follow and read every time. Her posts include random images from the fashion,lifestyle,health,photography and social scene. With the passion for the quirky and the eccentric things in life the blog consists of posts about her life and her views as well. If you are looking for model fierceness, red carpet fashion and some jewllery porn with African essentials then you have come to the right account

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