You have to try this awesome Sobolo/ Sorrel juice this hot afternoon


Happy New year foodies. What’s cooking at your end?? Today I want us to try this unique recipe of a juice which is popular in some African countries including Ghana, Nigeria, Egypt, Senegal. It’s made from the Roselle leaf scientifically known as ( hibiscus sabdariffa).

Sobolo drink

The Sobolo or Sorrel juice has a unique taste that can leave you lusting for more especially when served chilled. It has a sharp consuming taste of herbs and a sweet taste of juice.

It is also believed to hold some medicinal benefits and is preferably healthier than sodas and juices with preservatives. Can be served with snacks. You can serve the beverage with snacks.




  • 3 cups of dried hibiscus leaves
  •  3 cups of sugar or honey( according to preference)
  • 3 cups of boiling water for the sugar or honey syrup
  • 5 litres of boiling water for the brewing of leaves.
  • A sieve and 2 big bowls.


  1. Pour leaves into a big bowl and add boiling water
  2. Let it sit for an hour or more.
  3. Make a sugar or honey syrup using boiling water and stir
  4.  Pour together syrup and the sobolo juice.add 2 tablespoons of liquid vanilla.
  5. Cut up some fruits into rind slices for more fruity flavour and to garnish it. ( preference for fruit)
  6. Try this recipe and indulge in some SOGASM!!!!

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