City Guides: 5 of the coolest places to hang out in Accra

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Hey Guys, Meet Nana Anokyewaa (@ano_kye_waah), a Ghanaian millennial and a socialite who lives in Ghana’s administrative and  national capital, Accra.

Ano as she is affectionately called is a Ghanaian millennial who loves and lives in the city of Accra

The bustling city of Accra is also Ghana’s most populous city with over 2.27 million inhabitants scattered across the various suburbs, enclaves, neighborhoods and residential areas.

Finding a place to hangout with friends, family or business partners for the young people who work and live in Accra can be pretty daunting a task but with unofficial guides like Ano, you have nothing to worry about.

Anokyewaah is a social media guru/ social entrepreneur who lends supports to brands, business and less privileged in the society through her foundation

As a student and young social entrepreneur, she’s always been our go to girl for information of thus nature, so this week we hit her up and asked her advice on the 5 coolest places to hang out in Accra. Why she loves to hang out there, location and even pricing of the foods becauses indeed Accra stays by plan.

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1. Buka Restaurant

Entrance of Buka restaurant in Osu

Located in Osu, in the east of the central Business district, Buka is the definition of affordable. Even though most people might say affordability is relative to each buyer’s cash, I still stand by earlier submission. Their services are very good and it has this feel at home kind of setting with lawns and recycled artifacts too. I tried their peppered snails and it’s superb. They have local and other continental dishes especially if you’re not from Ghana and scared to try our foods .

2. Republic Bar and Grill in Osu

Bisapp drink from Republic

It’s an open space where you meet different people from different background. It’s a very good place for socializing as well if you’re like me. I love their fried yam and “yeye goat meat” (goat meat in curry sauce). They have got one of the best bissap drinks (sobolo) as well. You can consider Republic as a night hangout with friends who love to paint the town red.

3. Skybar 25

Skybar 25 before sunset

Skybar is on the rooftop of one of Ghana’s iconic building , the Villagio apartments precisely in the Alto Tower which is rightly opposite the African Regent hotel. The reason I love the place is actually because of the rooftop, it allows you see the whole city at a glance. But if you want to consider luxury then it’s a good place to be and don’t forget to make a reservation a week or more before you go. You don’t want to experience any embarrassment at the gate.

4. The Cupcake Boutique

Foreign guests at the Cupcake boutique

One of my favorite place at any given moment is the Cupcake Boutique in Labone. I love their iced tea. Their customer service is very reliable. Consider it a hangout for the day with your girls.

5. Starbites

A waiter at Starbites

Finally, I love Starbites restaurant in East Legon. You should try their pork and jollof. They have a lovely outdoor setting by the street and it’s a cool place for a relaxed business meeting if you asked me.


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