This hilarious dad interviewing his 3-month old daughter is set to make your day


In the wake of all the horrible and gory incidents that may have happened during the week, this video of Youtuber dad, La Guardia Cross will make you believe in humanity again or maybe put a beautiful smile on your face.

La Cross is a black father of two and a youtuber with over 45,000 subscribers

La Guardia, a content creator, producer, music-maker and a loving father isn’t new to the world of trending videos as he first got into the limelight over a video he did of his first baby, Amalah Cross.

How the time flies, Nayely.

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However, this new video sees him asking his 3-month-old-daughter, Nayely, interview style questions on how she’s adjusted to life after 90 days on earth.

And remarkably, Nayely, surprised everyone with a few intelligent answers you definitely need to see for yourself.


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