At 7, they met, At 20, this young Black couple had the fairy-tale wedding of their dreams come true and everyone is talking about it

Meet Kris Michelle and Jamal Glass, they're both 20 years old and they've got the internet talking over their fairy-tale wedding


Meet Kris Michelle and Jamal Glass, they’re both 20 years old and they’ve got the internet talking about their fairy-tale wedding.

Kris Michelle now Mrs.Kris Glass (and that’s if she decides to go with her husband’s name), is a 20-year old black American social worker and her hubby Jamal is a Business Administration/Accounting master’s student at the Kennesaw State University, Georgia.

Their simple yet stunning wedding has gone viral after Kris shared images of the two on their wedding day on Twitter with people speaking for and against the fact that they’re relative too young to get married. Kris’ tweet has received over 32,000 retweets and 62 K likes on the micro-blogging platform. According to Kris, they first met when they were both 7 years and he promised her wedding of her dreams at age 13 and at age 20, it all came true.

Shortly after her tweet, Jamal also responded and this is what he had to say:


Awwwwww!!!!! ❤️. We wish them so much joy and bliss in their marriage. May they spend many days together as possible.

Here are some eclectic images from the wedding of the young couple.


“Marriage is not 50/50. Marriage is 100/100.” -Pastor Tony.


Married At 20


Young Couple, Kris and Jamal on their wedding day


The Stunning Bride, Kris


A Father and Daughter moment


Kris in a photograph with her family


Black Love


Mr and Mrs

Kris and Jamal

Kris and Jamal

The bridal party

The bridal party

Do you think Kris and Michelle are relatively too young to get married or you think it’s fine they got married at age 20? Share your thoughts with us.


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