#VGMAs17: Braperucci Style presents our best and worst-dressed guests on the red carpet



The 2017 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards has come and gone but the fun, entertainment, controversies and social media trolling will be with us for a while until the next story comes along.

Another year and the issues concerning co-ordination of the red carpet, co-hosting and photos of the guests continue to plague the event which has been in existence for 17 years.

As usual Braperucci.com style reporters, Yaw and Ruddy were present at the event as well as on social media to bring our readers gist from the red carpet. The pair had a sit down after the show and reviewed the various looks (clothes, hair, makeup, shoes) of celebrities from the red carpet.

Below is the full excerpt of the conversation. Enjoy the read.

Yaw: Hello!! VGMA review calling
Rudolph: Lol
Yaw: How was church?? Dude this year was a big fail. I can’t even deal but let’s begin
Rudolph: Church was awesome
Yaw: Who should we put on the chopping block first?? Okay let’s start with my friend Berla Mundi
She’ll see me somewhere and fight me so let me be over and done with it. Berla if you’re reading this I really love you from the bottom of my heart 😂😂🤣🤣

Berla Mundi


Rudolph: This I’d say was one of the worst looks we’ve seen from Berla Mundi over the years. It was just too much red, too many ruffles and too regretful. Aunty Berla please go back to the drawing board or better still come and let us dress you. (We won’t take much)

Yaw: Berla had one job, just one. Look your best, get on the red carpet and ask questions but she showed up looking like the emoji lady on WhatsApp. C’mon!! Maybe it’s high time she and Sima Brew parted ways because the chemistry is gone.  I was really confused with the whole look. It reminds me of something similar Rita Dominic wore to the #AMVCA2017.

Elikem Kumordzie


Rudolph: Elikem even though I don’t like him personally.I think he really looked Dapper in his suit. One of the best dressed for the guys
Yaw: It’s not fair that you are hating on Ghana’s only tailor. He was spectacular. I’m not sure about his hosting skills but that tuxedo was perfect. He wore a black one-button shawl lapel tux and well-fitted trousers with polished shoes.  I’d wear a tux like that to the funeral of my ex because it’ll make me look extra elegant and petty.😂😂🤣



Yaw: Who was your best dressed

Rudolph: Pokello was my best dressed,  I loved the black beading and the fit. The hair and makeup worked too. Just super like her hubby.

Yaw: I love the beaded work. She was graceful like a Grecian statue but I don’t know if I’d vote her as my best-dressed.

Feli Nuna


Rudolph: Oh Gagging on your Eleganza Fela. I am not a big fan of bright colours and you choose two and made it work. Go you!
Yaw: No shade but she looks like a Gey Hey girl with all that fabric. Maybe just the green alone or blue with the yellow would have made sense but she lit up the place all the same.

Stone Bwoy


Rudolph: I saw a pic of him without the suit and he looked so good don’t know about the suit but stonebwoy brought his A game this year. The hair and everything was on point

Yaw: I like the suit. Go Ntoma! Go GTP! Go Ghana and I love the pony too. Stonebwoy is finally taking his fashion seriously.

Benedicta Gafah


Rudolph:  I hate this outfit. Oh God, I hate this it looks like a bejeweled bathing suit. Obinim’s little pet.

Yaw: Notice how it’s similar to Nana Akua Addo’s Glitz Style Awards 2016 outfit. The embellishment, beading technique, sheer fabric, and even the earrings. Lol.. Such an epic fail but these Kumasi girls don’t play ooooo.

Bibi Bright


Rudolph: What’s her name again?? I know you want to be an animorph so bad but the VGMA red carpet is not the place to show it. What’s up with the tail girl.
Yaw: I love the jumpsuit without the cape and the train. She stole the look from Joselyn Dumas last year’s VGMA look and the colour of her outfit for the Glitz style awards. Bibi Bright looks like Kpanla (a type of fish) in this outfit.



Rudolph: This is why I don’t like bright colours just look at this walking lollipop. 😂😂😂😂
Yaw: I feel I’m in high school all over again. Yellow top, blue blazer and blue trouser. Every year E.L tries to look good but gets it wrong.  And why is the top button opened? I don’t know if its a suit, jacket or blazer ?? Elorm Adablah, leave the sunglasses and hat at home.

Martha Ankomah


Rudolph: My head😪😪😥 Martha, why the hell are you wearing your prom dress from 5 years ago??

Yaw: She’s being simple. Leave her alone. I like the colour but someone else could have worn it and brought life to it. She looked like she was at the wrong place

Zynell Zuh


Rudolph: Another Animorph. The extra fabric could have been given to Stephanie Benson to cover herself but yet you wanted to look like a blue turkey. Oh well.

Yaw: She looks like a bull with all that cushion on her shoulder. This is hideous. She needs to fire herself and then fire her stylist.

Amanda Jissih


Rudolph: Nice hair, nice dress, need I say more
Yaw: Finally she doesn’t look like an Aunt at a funeral but what’s with Amanda and black. I’m not a fan of the whole look because she’s seated.

Ama Mcbrown


Rudolph: You can take the girl out of Kumawood but you can’t take Kumawood out of the girl. Nana Ama stop this lah. I like you so I won’t drag you further.

Yaw: Now all our Kumawood readers would boycott us. I’m sorry but Nana Ama just lacks panache and it’s dreadful. Two times in a row she’s managed to make me sick in my stomach over a dress.



Rudolph: Eleganza Extravaganza. I am living for this look
Yaw: Yes! Adomaa shockingly was looking good. I didn’t expect it from her. I love the beaded shoulder and the fact that it’s white saves her completely.

Abrantie & Chantell


Rudolph: Abrantie looks dapper but I hate the bling around the lapel and collar. His Mrs didn’t bring anything to the red carpet. Just look at the messy hair.

Yaw:  The red with black shirt makes him look like a pallbearer. Imagine him in this colourful tux over maybe a white shirt or something lighter. Chantelle’s dress has made me hate fuchsia in a minute. The slit high trend is not my thing and the messy hair is a NO.

Gloria Sarfo


Yaw: Take out all the messy stuff from Gloria Sarfo’s shoulder and wrist then give her best dressed. She’s been reading the blogs and she’s improving on her fashion.

Rudolph: Nothing new here. This girl loves bling stuff too much. Major fail.

Gifty Osei


Rudolph: You again! Girl bye.I don’t know why she just can’t tone it down
Yaw: According to her, the outfit is called blood of Jesus. Can you imagine the blasphemy? And she finally wore a fascinator. I live for her kind of petty. Oh, my latte!!!

Selly Galley


Rudolph: The person sitting by her will be very uncomfortable.  It’s very high fashion so I don’t think the VGMAs will be the right place for this outfit. But Selly gets an A for creativity.
Yaw: It looks like Plantain leaves. But I love it someway somehow.I love the gold colour too. I don’t like that it’s a high neck and it makes my body itch.
Rudolph: 😂😂

Akua Akuaba


Rudolph: All that sauce!!!!! Work it girl.. I love the dress. I love the make up..I love the hair. Akua Akuaba keeps on keeping on.

Yaw: I knew you’ll say that about her. Whatever boy. It’s a great outfit. The train makes sense with this one.

Stephanie Benson

Stephanie Benson

Rudolph: Cirque de Soliel from hell. She didn’t get the memo

Yaw: Why does she do this to herself?? Even Vivienne Westwood or Alexander McQueen won’t support this outfit. Stephanie wears very expensive clothes that can buy half of the outfits on the red carpet but always in the wrong clothes. She looks like an ostrich.



Rudolph: Look at her just look at her. Dipo isn’t until June why will you wear this. MzVee isn’t consistent if she wanted to represent Ghana she should have worn this to the BETs but no she chooses to wear it here Vera Hamenoo-Kpeda you have disappointed me.

Yaw: I’m still very confused with her outfit choice for a red carpet event. What would have happened if she made an outfit out of the kente instead of this? She looks like the girls in the Akwaaba photo in people’s homes.
Rudolph: You know



Rudolph: I think I’ve had it with that plunging neckline. But I like the fabric and colour choice

Yaw: Lol!! I just had an epiphany about Ebony. I used to know her back in Level100 ( University Of Ghana). Why is the leotard accompanying her skimpy dress?? Nobody wants to see your Chinese tattoo as well. It’s tacky.



Rudolph: Hell na! That design belongs on the floor as a carpet.
Yaw: I hate you for this. I love parsley. I love Sarkodie’s outfit. I’m not a big fan of his but I like it all the same. Dude drop the sunglasses. This is such a bush life.

Joe Mettle


Rudolph: Aww so handsome! You look good Joe the other guys must take a cue from you. This is how you look when God’s favour is upon you. Can I get a Hallelujah!

Yaw: Preach brother. The kaftans are beginning to look trite. I’m tired of him playing safe but he looks divine.



Rudolph: I hate the two patterns she should have used the top one for the whole dress

Yaw: I don’t know if it’s a bandage dress, a cut-out dress or what exactly. I came at her last year and she looks better. What’s with everyone trying to do Bantu knots?? I’m not sure it goes with her green grass dress

Rudolph: I shock that hairstyle is soo Bragoro season



Rudolph: OMFG. Edem is lost! Security!

Yaw: The least said about Edem, the better. He shouldn’t  be invited to these events if he’ll show up looking like he just got out of rehab on a cold winter morning.

Miss Malaika

Miss Malaika

Rudolph: It’s not everything you add African print to Miss 2nd runner-up especially

Yaw: I hate the winner’s outfit but I love Delsy’s corporate look. It’s called power dressing but I’m not sure it was really for the red carpet.
Rudolph: I like Edem’s more

Sika GMB


Rudolph: Attention!!!!

Yaw: She’s really seeking it in such a drab gown. I  can see her side boobs and I’m not happy. I want to see the full thing.



Rudolph: Simple and Nice. This is what am talking about. Marilyn Monroe-ish

Yaw:   I like her and her red hair. Who is she ??
Rudolph: I don’t know oo

Eli Kharis

Elinam Amenyo

Rudolph: She looks stunning.. I like the colour. This is how the power rangers should have done it

Yaw: Lol. Eli Kharis did justice to the green dress. I don’t like the pleats on the side of the waist.



Rudolph: True to form. Manifest looks great

Yaw: Manifest looks great?? Now I feel you’re drunk. That’s so ugly there are no words to describe it. I don’t like the vest and all that handwriting in there. Leave that for the Kenyans and the jeans, as usual, is ill-fitted. Another kabafestive moment.

Rudolph:😂😂😂😣 I said true to form because of his weird sense of style
Yaw: It’s not nice. It’s hideous. Don’t defend his fashion or it could even ruin our friendship.
Rudolph: Ayoo



Rudolph: It’s a very matured look for him.though I don’t like the fitting for the trouser
Yaw: It’s really one of the disadvantages of being short and fat. You hardly get your size for suits. It’s either bespoke or nothing else and that boils down to money

Kumi Guitar


Rudolph: OMG. I wore that to church today😂🤣😂

Yaw: lol. Well, you’re twinning. I like the colour very much.

Harold Amenyah


Rudolph: Be a gentleman and get yourself a pair of socks.

Nathan Tollo: Please please with the socks thing he can be forgiven. It’s a loafer or a slip-on for crying out loud. The only problem is that it can breed smelling feet.
Rudolph: Then he should have worn it.  It looks bad and it has sorta cheapened him.

Too Sweet Annan


Rudolph: Absolutely Horrid. The fit.. The colour and I also feels like the buttons are awkwardly placed
Yaw: I like powder-blue. Reminds me of Melanie’s Trump plagiarized outfit of Jackie Kennedy for Trump’s inauguration.

Nathaniel Attoh

Nathaniel Attoh

Rudolph: Like the colour but I’d prefer a belt to the suspenders

Yaw:  I love the look. Nathaniel does the most so let’s accept the belt for tonight but I agree with you though.



Rudolph: What is that in the middle of the shirt. Kobby we know you love Africa but sometimes you’ve gotta tone it down small. There are too many things going on here.

Yaw:  He looks like he’s ill. The Africa map should go and we can be friends.



Rudolph: Oh the newly wed. He is glowing as should be

Yaw: I really don’t know what to say but Dita still has a lot of styling to do on her boo.

A J Sarpong


Rudolph: Officewear with a little bit extraaa..AJ not today Satan
Yaw:  According to AJ she had a wardrobe malfunction so this was made for her in 30 minutes. Hello ladies and gentleman. Any thing can happen in this life so always have a second option not an ugly one like this anyway: 😂😂😂
Rudolph: Es3woara
Yaw: Oh true. Go on her page and see how she’s praising her glam team I just died. The Red hair too. Charlie, I’m just weak
Rudolph: She could have done better. I don’t get the bow and the train. It’s a big miss



Rudolph: If it was a dress cool. But am not feeling it as a jumpsuit
Yaw: It’s too raunchy but I love the fabric
Rudolph: Yes

Sister Durrbie

Sister Deborah

Rudolph: I love sister derbies dress. She’s wearing someone we know
Yaw: Me too

Rudolph: Bello Edu
Yaw: It’s from Bello Edu

Rudolph: The hair was just some fresh hell
Yaw: lol see how we said it at the same time. Someone is talking about us. The girl has style and great taste. She’s good with red too

Rudolph: 🤣😂 Lol..shocking



Yaw: Who wears a trench coat in the tropics?? Duurbie talk to your Jay-Z. He looked so street, lost, naive, confused and mistaken. I’m sure they looked at his dressing and decided not to give him the awards

Rudoplh: I’m sure he bought the suit at Tema station. It looks like a second suit for Christmas.

Yaw: Nigga grow up and dress well

Criss Waddle

Criss Waddle

Yaw: He looks like a stuffed doll in the suits. When we tell you people to invest in quality suits you think we are just here to talk. A big miss.

Rudoplh: Shatta Wale 3ka y3 ampa. We all know what all know what Shatta said about his sexuality. He is really looking it tonight. That’s all I see when I look at the photo. He has a lot to learn

Yaw: Eeeeii.. You. Kindly excuse me from your last comments. Lol. I beg. Let’s end the review already.

N.B: These are just thoughts expressed on what we saw on the red carpet. They are not in anyway an attack on the personalities whatsoever. We are entitled to our opinion and you may or may not agree with them.

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