We reviewed the best and worst-dressed guests on the red carpet at the Golden Movie Awards


Hello readers by popular request here is a review of the 2017 red carpet at the Golden Movie Awards which was held at the Movenpick hotel.

This review was conducted by our Online Editor, Yaw and our in-house style correspondent, Rudolph.

Our review is a style breakdown of what the outfits look like and the trends that are working very well in this season, it’s our own way of applauding the best-dressed and asking the worst-dressed to sit up.

Enjoy the conversation and don’t forget to add your comments, we love to read them too.

Best Dressed

Beverly Naya

Yaw: Personally my best dressed goes to BEVERLY NAYA. I love everything about that custom made burgundy fringe gown and she definitely brought attitude to the look.

Rudolph: Wow the stars really came to slay this year. I love this number one of the best looks I’ve seen on any Ghanaian red carpet. I totally agree with you on this one

Yaw: Sadly, she’s Nigerian and she’s here stealing our shine.How do these Nigerians do it?? Solid acts, research and they listen to their stylists. Morale of the story: your money can buy all the dresses but not Style

Fella Makafui

Rudolph: Fella Makafui looks stunning in this outfit. It’s very different from what we see on the red carpet normally. I like the African print twist on this pantsuit. Siren for best dressed

Yaw:  For the first time in forever I’m in love with something from Fella on the red carpet. It’s a jumpsuit with African Print detailing; a corset in the waist area and that head wrap sealed the deal for me. She looks lovely

Zynnell Zuh            

Yaw: What are your thoughts on her look?? Honestly this is the first time I’ve fallen in love with something Zynell has worn. It’s different and a bit risqué if you ask me. I like the fabric too, it doesn’t really look cheap and hopefully we won’t wake up to hear that some Hollywood celebrity has stolen her look

Rudolph: I think it’s a bit subtle from her. But it’s ok..not too dramatic like her last outfit but no flaws here

James Gardiner    


Yaw: I love James Gardiner and his bespoke Tuxedo

Rudolph: Tuxedos like this are in vogue but if you don’t take care you may end up look like a curtain and I respect how he blends the gold and black.

Uti Nwachukwu

Yaw: Can you see the effect Uti’s suit gives to your eyes?? This is design at work. Can we just marry Uti off to one of the single girls at the office??   Probably Adubea

Delsey Hamilton

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Yaw: She’s Queening here. High slit game on point. I love the parted wavy hair with the blue outfit.

Rudolph: More twist to GTP and I feel it’s okay but those shoes is a no

Chris Okagube

Yaw: Why are the Nigerians doing so much better the Ghanaians?? Look at Chris Okagube’s red jacket. Mehhnn. I’m impressed

Not our Favorite


Salma Mumin

Yaw: I can see her boxer shorts ooops sorry I meant her underwear. I’m just think  she could have covered up some more. If you’re not Rihanna don’t try showing us your undies.

Rudolph: I like her makeup and hair. She really looks good. The dress is also not too bad bit it’s just not the best.



Rudolph: She acts like she is Miss legon.

Yaw: Who invited her?? And I don’t like her makeup. That blue is blinding my eyes

Stephanie Karikari


Yaw:   I think her train saved the outfit but I’m really not a fan. She keeps repeating the same look in different colors.

 Rudolph: Boring. Nothing here

Benedicta Gafah


Yaw: Benedicta Gafah looks like she’s wearing linen dipped in gold. I don’t like the fabric but I’m okay with the outfit.  I believe that gold ball was not the best accessory but have you realized it’s similar the Nana Akua Addo outfit to AMVCA??  I can see Inspiration here

Rudolph: I hate the material. Bye Felicia

Nadia Buari 

Yaw: Wait. Is it me or Nadia Buari low key is looking like Bobrisky with all that makeup and turtle neck 😂😂😂

Rudolph: IKR 😂😂😂😂 you’ve said it all



Yaw: I love Osas’ smile but the outfit is just okay for me. The style is almost normal and the gold fabric is just alright. Nothing extra here

Rudolph: It’s okay. I don’t really have anything to say

Diamond Appiah  

Yaw: Diamond Couture 😂😂😂. What happened to that brand though?? Our very own Lady Gaga is transforming but there’s still a lot to do. Diamondlicious

Rudolph: Shatta Diamond Appiah 😂😂😂oh but Nana Yaw she doesn’t look bad ooo

Yaw: Lol but I’m not saying she doesn’t. I think she can do better

Think Ifan

Yaw: Why is a stylist of Ifan’s repute looking like a cheap Christmas box wrapper. He’s making me hate florals in different dimensions

Rudolph: I don’t know the other guy so bye…

Christy Ukata

Yaw: Chris Kata doesn’t strike me with the look. It’s a bit ready-to-wear for the red carpet and if I’m right it’s from Nuna’s Couture new collection. It’s a safe everyday look

 Rudolph: Chris doesn’t know how to dress and today just proved it more.

Yaw: Hate mail. Her fans on Facebook will come for you and I’ll show them where you work. 😂😂😂

Harold Amenyah    

Yaw: Harold Amenyah  and skinny pants are like best friends.

Rudolph: Guys are really digging pink these days.I like the suit but I hate the trousers

Kojo Rana

Yaw: Kojo Rana and his sexy bald head. Kojo I know you’ll read this please my sister says she has a crush on you but I’m not sure I have a crush on your apparel for the night

Rudolph: I don’t like this look simple


Rudolph: She probably  skipped her prison photo to come and perform..#Badgyal

Yaw: 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂. She looks like she’s taking a mug shot.  But I don’t understand how she wore the same red carpet outfit to perform. Imagine all that sweat after gyrating her bum in front to all those oldies in the building. Girl needs a competent style team real quick

Nikki Sammonas

Yaw: Is she pregnant or she just ate too much ??

Rudolph: Million dollar question

Worst Dressed

Lydia Forson

Rudolph: This is a terrible dress from Lydia Forson and I think it’s a trend here. I guess she is in some sort of mid life crisis

Yaw: If I were Lydia Forson I’ll stop being friends with anyone who saw this dress and called it nice. Those people are not your friends. Maybe they’re scared you’ll write a long article on your blog about them. But sweetie a week ago I was praising your AMAA look so trust me when I say you’re looking like a toffee wrapper


Rudolph: 😂😂😂😂😂 Eii Belinda you again.. Ah this one I don’t understand so I won’t comment

Yaw: Lol…you  mention her name as if you were friends from high school. I can’t think far but she looks like she just step off the set of Khum Khum Bagya   😂😂😂😂😂


Yaw: Who invited this guy?? Where are the bouncers or he’s the one?? Guys learn to leave the club looks for the club and dress your life away for red carpets😪

 Rudolph: I don’t know this guy and I don’t know why we are talking about you


Miss Malaika 2016

Yaw: Miss Malaika Ghana 2016,a queen shouldn’t be dressed like this baby girl. I honestly don’t like anything this lady wears despite it being African Print. Her stylist and designers play too much with the fabrics forgetting that prints have their own drama and just need to be tweaked a lit bit for it to work

Rudolph: I feel the dress shouldn’t have been slit and I why think she should have added that golden material or whatever. I still think she’s new to all this

Fred Amugi

Yaw: Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Rudolph bail me out on this one.

 Rudolph: Color blocking fresh as hell. Uncle Fred you are a seasoned actor so you won’t be dragged

Moesha Boudong

Yaw: Moesha can’t dress to save her damn life. Everything about this look is ugly. It’s an ugly ball gown with ugly tulle. Ugly bodice, Ugly make up and ugly hair.

Mimi Andani

Yaw: 😂😂😂😂. Mimi  Andani, director of the Golden Movie Awards we know these things are stressful. But if you’re tired stay back stage and sleep or take style lessons from your fellow event organisers.

Victoria Micheals

Yaw: Ghana we present to you your host in a pretty hideous creation of a dress in the name of fashion and haute couture

Rudoplh: It’s just basic and the fabric looks like a table cloth

 Belinda Dzattah  

Yaw: I don’t want anybody to come and say I’m body shaming but will you allow your sister or wife to walk out in town looking like a blue calf?? I’m just ashamed to even be reviewing this whiles my mates around the world are busily critiquing outfits from Rihanna, Zendaya and Cara Delevigne. Just look at my life 😪😪😪😪

Rudolph: Mess,Messy, Messier, Messiest. THE END

N.B: These are just thoughts expressed on what we saw on the red carpet. They are not in anyway an attack on the personalities whatsoever. We are entitled to our opinion and you may or may not agree with them.






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